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La musique Caribéenne colombienne joué par l'un des plus grands accordéonistes de cumbia Vallenato. Ces 6 musiciens (Accordeon, Bass, Caja Vallenata, Congas, Voix et Guacharaca) mélange un vibrant flow de cumbia, paseo, porro le tout enveloppé dans son vallenato contagieux d’accordéon et de percussions.

Alberto “Beto” Jamaica is one of the leading vallenato and cumbia players in Colombia. Since winning the prestigious Professional Leyenda Vallenata Festival competition in 2006 he has become known as Rey Vallenato Colombia (“The Vallenato King”). His music is a vibrant mix of cumbia, paseo, porro all wrapped into his infectious accordion driven vallenato. Originally the music of herders who combined the tradition of Spanish juglares or minstrels with the griot tradition of West Africa, vallenato historically served a dual purpose. As they traveled from village to village the herders would entertain themselves by singing and playing guitars or the indigenous gaita flutes.

Vallenato is one of Colombia’s most popular folk musics. Native to Colombia’s Caribbean Coast it literally translates as “born in the valley”, the valley being the one found between Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Serranía de Perijá.

Beto Jamaica has being playing accordion for more than 30 years and has recorded in more than 300 musical production with very well-known artists from Colombia and latin America. Beto Jamaica is being recognized by the Congress of Colombia with the most important award for Colombian citizens: The Boyaca Cross, because his work to preserve and spread the Colombian Heritage of the Vallenato, which is a traditional Colombian music that is protected by the list of intangible cultural heritage of unesco. A star in Colombia with two Top 5 hits, Beto has toured across South and Central America and Europe. summer 2013 was the opening for the Vallenato King acting in USA & Canada including stops in New York, Chicago, Albuquerque, Montreal, Sunfest London, Latino Fest Kitchener and Toronto. Also, in 2013 Beto Jamaica was performing at Rainforest World Music festival in Malaysia and Singapore.

In 2014 Rey Vallenato Beto Jamaica keep touring internationally in Ecuador, Panama, Spain, and was invited for second year consecutive to Sunfest London Ontario Canada. Beto and the band also were performig in 2014 in Asia again at prestigious Jarasum International Jazz festival and Sori International Festival in Korea, promoting and spreading the Vallenato and Cumbia in Asia. From 2015 to 2018 the band has being developing markets in Chile, Argentina, Salvador and Colombia.

international references(Sunfest London, Latino Fest Kitchener, festival Rainforest World Music in Malaisia and Singapor ; Sunfest London Ontario Canada ; Jarasum International Jazz festival ; Sori International Festival in Korea …)

Alberto Jamaica : accordion
Ariel Villaveces : Caja
Nestor Chaparro : Congas, Timbales
Edgar Fernandez : Vocal,
Kevin Gutierrez : Guacharaca,
Yesid Pinto : Basse

6 musicians + 1 tour manager