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The music of Benin was born from voodoo worship dances. However, it is the source of major musical currents of the 20th century, from jazz to rock through blues, gospel, Afrobeat, rap. It is to tell this legacy that the BIM project is born !

The BIM pays tribute to the music of the forebears of Dahomey. It reflects as much the traditional ceremonies as the trendy clubs of Cotonou, through to the Evangelical churches and the convents where voodoo deities are invoked.

The meeting of voodoo rhythms and traditional songs, electric melodies with Beninese sauce well spiced Afro groove this collective of Beninese artists has something to make you travel.

... Convents where voodoo deities are implored during ceremonies, through evangelical churches, from trendy clubs in Cotonou to amazing villages in the north of the capital and the national ballet, the collective with variable geometry brings together all the ethnic and musical diversity of Benin

Musicians sing respect and offer their words to all patients, prisoners, countries at war. Here the groovy guitar, the radiant choruses and the hip hop flow of Jean Gbètognon Houenou alias Yewhe mingle in perfect harmony with the fusion of traditional rhythms and electro beats.

BIM is interested in the development of the current Benin music scene, its heritage, history, education and artistic training of young people in the country for its international influence. BIM has developed an education and training project by offering Beninese artists and cultural actors practical workshops on recording, computer-assisted music, video, photography and the media. sensitized and trained by professionals working around the "Benin International Musical».

The BENIN INTERNATIONAL MUSICAL is initiated by Hervé Riesen (Deputy Director of Antennas and Content of Radio France and President of Eurosonic of the European Union of Public Radio and Television), and Jérôme Ettinger (producer and director of the album (World Tour Records) he is also a composer and records the album with Jean-Paul Romann (Tinariwen) Accompanied by Denis Akobebakou and Aristide Agondanou, founder of the brass band Gangbé Brass Band, together they went to meet contemporary actors Beninese music.

BIM is supported by RADIO FRANCE, ORTB, EBU, BBC, Rolling Stones Magazine, TV5 Monde, The City of Nantes and the Institut Français.

Jimmyl Tchegnon alias Jimmy Belah // Vocal, Drum, Percu (Sacla, Gons, Gangan)
Brigitte KITI alias Amessiamey // Vocal, castagnette
Yelouassi Nadège alias Nayel Hoxo // Vocal, castagnette
Boni Obinti alias Lionel // bass, vocal , percu (Agomê)
Yaovi Emmanuel Atcho // Guitar, Vocal
Jean Gbètognon alias Yewhe Yeton // Vocal, percu (Gon, Alèklé)
Totin Emile alias Resnikpa // percu (Kpézin, Sacla, Kpahlè, Ogbon, Gangan)