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The most prestigious salsa musicians all together in an unique ALL STARS.

The New york Salsa All Stars is not less than all the best Salsa musicians who meet from all over the world : the 10 pieces orchestral used to be the backing band of Celia CRUZ, Tito NIEVES, Jose Alberto "El Canario", Cheo Feliciano or Richie Ray...we all can remember songs such as "la vida ES UN CARNAVAL", "oye como va" or other Gantanamera.

The NewYork Salsa All stars proposes a long list of soloists, amongst of whom we find the most famous ones of the last century, Frankie Morales, Alfredo de la Fé, Jimmy Bosh, Giovanni Hidalgo, Jimmy Delgado, Richie Flores, José Alberto el Canario, Nicky Marrera, Jésus Alemañy, Ismael Miranda, Edwin Bonilla, Richie Ray, Adalberto Santiago .

an incredible meeting with the very last legends of salsa.

This prestigious orchestra was born at the end of the 90's after a concert of Celia CRUZ with Alfredo De LA FE and its orchestra of Celia Cruz. A band which line up can change according to the names of the soloists, that gives an exceptionnal tribute to the cuban and portorican music, and in particular a tribute to the universe of Celia CRUZ and Tito PUENTE. Listining to them, the auditors will realize how much they are familiar to their repertoires and the legacy comes directly to the backing band of Orchestral who accompagnied Celia CRUZ, amongst others, in all her last European tours in the late 90.'s and early 2000's. They have been invited to famous festivals such as Montreux, or Milan Latinoamericando,Barcelona's Poble Espanol or the very well known Barbican Centre in London.

Who says Salsa says NY, and more precisely el barrio, a district in Harlem neighborhood, in which rthe hispanic west indies immigrants live, most of them being Portoricans. And this is where in the middle of the 60's, this music was born, a mix of Cuban , Portorican and african influences, a new urban sound! A music of the street, that claims the revolt of who was excluded from the American Dream but also the pride of beeing LATINO. And this is surely why all the left behind will identify themselves to this music.



The Orchestral ,10/12 musicians on stage + Guest of the request:

- Alfredo De la Fé (violinist, former orchestra director Celia Cruz, Fania All Stars, Tito Puente and Carlos Santana. Founder in the 70 'of the Tipica 73)
- Frankie MORALES (Singer, THE voice of the famous "Oye como va" with Tito Puente)
- Jimmy BOSCH (Trombone of the Fania All Stars).
- Giovanni HIDALGO (conguero, played with Dizzy Gillespie's , Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Art Blakey)
- Jimmy DELGADO (The Timbalero of Cimarron orchestra, Tipica73, Pupi Ray Barretto's Big Band , Willie Colon. , Fania All Stars ...)
- Richie FLORES (undoubtedly the best conguero / percussionist world)
- José Alberto EL CANARIO (Singer, soloist alongside Celia Cruz, Oscar D’Leon, Tito Puente...)
- Nicky MARRERO (Timbalero of the Fania All Stars and Tipica 73)
- Jésus ALEMANY (Trumpeter - orchestra director Cubanismo)
- Ismael MIRANDA (Singer of the Fania All Stars, we owe him hits like "Lupe, Lupe" or "Señor Sereno")
- Adalberto SANTIAGO (Singer, Ray Barreto, Papo Lucca ...)
- Camillo AZUQUITA (Singer, The Panamanian voice of Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Ruben Blades, la Fania All Stars)
- Nelson GONZALES (Guitar player, Fania All Stars, Tipica 73, Carlos "Patato" Valdés)
- Alain PEREZ (Bass player, Orchestra director of Issac Delgado.)

All those Guests that accompany NEW YORK SALSA ALL STARS are available depending on the period requested.

BOOKING WORLD // Available all year on request // Collaboration with Artist'x Management for the wolrd.