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La Gallera Social Club

La Gallera Social Club is an exciting trip filled with venezuelan folklore, psychedelia and traditional atmospheres from south american culture. You can hear the protest of the oppressed people with a touch of bright hopes, because it is here where Latin America and the Caribe vibrate.

“La Gallera” is the country, the joy, the fun, the place where the roosters get together, not to fight but to sing and dance, bringing back the cadence of the traditional melodies, common in venezuelanism, playing the instruments to show the greatness of the soul. Miguel, Alexis and Carlos had no other choice but to go with their instruments to the “Gallera”, which aesthetically reaches the level of a social club: a place to get together, for friendship, communication and celebration. La Gallera, recreate a unique style with their instruments, festivities and cultural movements of their native country, Venezuela.

At a very early age, amazed by the diversity and the force in the colours of their environment: nature, the house fronts, entranced by the sonorities of conversation, by the melody in the everyday talk - “el cantaíto” - and by the rythm in music and the movement of bodies; experiencing the spontaneity of the gestures, expresions and relations; understanding the innocence of the venezuelan liveliness; celebrating ideas and stories to laugh at themselves; glancing at young children playing with a rubber ball, with the “trompo”, the “perinola” and flying kites and watching the older people reach a moment of ecstasy while they concentrate on the “Zambo”, “Giro” or “Pinto”.

In 2011, the three friends of La Gallera Social Club, record, produce and release two albums indepently, “Ecos del Tercer Mundo Vol.1” and “Ecos del Tercer Mundo Vol.2” In 2012 and 2013, they tour internationally for the first time (Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, France and Belgium) and they are invited to participate in a campaign against child violence organized by the UN.

Last Album “Tropical Salvaje” (©2020 Tortuga/AutreDistribution) (CD/LP/DIGITAL) LISTEN HERE /

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3 musicians + 1 tour manager (+ 1 Vj option)