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The New Peruvian Urban Cumbia Style: Chichamuffin!!!

LA INÉDITA is positioned at the top of the Peruvian independent scene. Exploiting the many musical influences of its 4 members, LA INÉDITA has created its own style called CHICHAMUFFIN: a fusion of Chicha (traditional Peruvian cumbia), Raggamuffin and Dancehall with subtle touches of Hip-Hop and other nuances. The power of CHICHAMUFFIN has broken boundaries in the USA, Europe, Mexico and South America.

The story of how the band members got together is not the common way; they were not friends or neighbors as it is the case of most bands. They somehow found out about each other’s music skills through an internet network of friends. They got together just to jam and have fun. Although, after their very first jamming session, the sense of blending different music styles to come up with a musical fusion was present. This is how they came up with Chichamuffin, the music style they named after they mixed Chicha with ragamuffin.

Soon enough, the band began to play in the many venues of Barranco and downtown Lima. They received a lot of recognition and love from the audiences, so they were also called to play in a variety of music festivals, college campus celebrations and so on. Soon La Inedita had the opportunity to share the stage with well-known Peruvian bands such as: La Sarita, Bareto, La Mente, Sabor y Control, Vieja Skina, etc.

Afropop Worldwide reported, "One of the more impressive of these groups that has come across our radar lately has been La Inedita. The group hails from Peru and plays a combination of chicha, a style of cumbia influenced surf-rock and psychedelia that was popular in the 70’s, as well as dancehall/reggae burners, that is all topped off by rapid fire Spanish rapping/singing in a style somewhat reminiscent of reggaeton. The group’s blend is made more impressive by their evident instrumental talent; the guitar solos sting and bite, the rapper can really flow, the rhythm section is able to generate both genuinely threatening intensity and a dance floor filling groove (and often both at the same time)."

In 2015 LA INEDITA was part of the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX where it was selected by the organizers of the event among the 32 must-see shows within the framework of 2000 bands worldwide. They’ve toured the US and Europe, and are soon to be releasing their second album this year .

After that festival LA INEDITA directly toured the east coast of the USA and also did their first trip to Europe, participating in the Afrika-Karibik Festival in Germany and in the Milano Latin Festival, Italy. Due to the succes of the first trip and the beginning addiction to Chicha Muffin LA INEDITA made their second US-tour, called “Tropical Constellation” by more than 30 shows from coast to coast shortly after.

In 2016 the Band recorded their second Album “Feel Da Fayah”, which is going to be released very soon and which the band will be presenting live to the European audience this summer. LA INEDITA is a bright musical experience of Peruvian popular urban culture and we are looking forward to welcome them on stage!