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"The success story continues"

One of the most typical voices of Spain. The paranoia of Amparo, the music and its discs give us the impression that all the music of the world pursues it!

In 2017-2018 it will be the 20th anniversary of the first Amparanoia-album ‘El Poder de Machín’. This first album, recorded in 1997 and produced by Manu Chao, was a milestone in the history of the Spanish alternative ‘mestizo’ world music scene. 20 years after this first album surprised amazingly the Spanish music scene, Amparo Sánchez decided to hit the road again in 2018 with AMPARANOIA. On stage, she will accompanied by some great musicians from the Latin scene who also were part of Amparanoia:

To celebrate the come back of Amparanoia and the 20 years of career, the closest companions of Amparo gathered at the initiative of Warner Spain to release a compilation gathering new titles and all the tubes of Amparanoia, with the participation of Calexico, Manu Chao, Macaco, Depedro, Txarango, Pegatina, Carmen Paris, Chambao, Marinah ...

After having chosen to put the band on hold in 2008 to go explicitly for her own, more intimistic, solo carreer, this album is a major ‘comeback’ in the Spanish alternative music. Amparanoia still stands for an authentic southern mestizo sound with the caractheristic and unrivaled voice and appearence of Amparo. This album is a fairly unique reinterpretation of ‘El Poder de Machín’, the record she released exactly 20 years ago, and was a landmark in the rather tied up Spanish musicscene of the 90’s.

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8 musicians (13 on the road)