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Morjane's spiritual univers will take you on a journey into the depths of her organic and authentic atmosphere

Morjane Ténéré is a singer-songwriter inspired by Folk, Blues, Native American, and Northern African traditional music. She embraces the name 'Ténéré' as a talisman, which means 'desert' in Tamasheq, a Tuareg language. The elements of water, fire, earth, and air resonate in her songs, creating a unique energy. Her music is a ritual, a voyage, an initiation, inviting listeners to return to their roots and seek OUT THE harmony between the body and soul. Through her music, she offers a pathWAY to balance OUT all living beings.

Morjane's Uses her voice as a powerful instrument that reaches right into your heart, her performances are invite you to reconnect with your history and your own truth. Her deep and captivating voice, finely harmonized with flutes and guitars, takes you on an ascent, punctuated by the double bass and percussion.

Over the years, Morjane has given more than 200 concerts throughout Europe, showcasing her talent to diverse audiences. She has graced legendary Parisian halls and ventured into unique venues, such as a lighthouse at the very end of Iceland, a witchcraft museum and even a squatted theater in Athens. Her ability to captivate audiences in various settings is a testament to her versatility as an artist.

Released in 2021, her first EP "Birth" (produced with director and musician Chadi Chouman) is a JUMP into her hypnotizing world : these 4 tracks are the starting point of HER transition from live to studio. Each title of the EP is illustrated by a photograph, taken by the Franco-Icelandic photographer Christian Helgi.

In 2023, Morjane Ténéré gave 60 concerts in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Armenia and Iceland. Morjane is currently preparing her new EP composed in English and Spanish.



« Sitting somewhere between Aldous Harding and Aurora in terms of vocal playfulness, with a glorious traditional folk ilk, ‘Higher’ is an instantly captivating mantra of self-actualisation and intuitive thinking»
This Much Talent

« If you want to feel as if you are in a fairytale and want to experience pure peace, then you want to listen to Morjane Tenere. by folk and blues music. “Higher” sets an ambiance like no other, as it gives you the feeling of letting go and sheer comfort.»
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LIVE REFERENCE : Transmusicales, MaMA Event, First part of Alela Diane, New Morning, Kulturfactory, K-Berlin, Naregatsi Art Institute, Gaukurin Reykjavik, Metronum, ...


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