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The latest of sweet crazy psyche-tropical, La Sonora Mazurén, the new tropical indie eldorado from the mountainous and noisy Bogotá

Last representative of the new alternative tropical scene of Bogota, La Sonora Mazurén is the tropical indie emerald of the mountainous and noisy Bogotá, accompanied by the singers womens of La Perla ; Diana Sanmiguel and Giovanna Mogollón, and virtuoso musicians who handle noise and psychic harmonies and unravel all the mysteries of the cumbia accordion.

La Sonora Mazurén are inspired by Brazilian Tropicalia and tropical retro-futurism and use synths and electric guitars alongside the vallenato accordion and more traditional percussion. Their sound transports the audience to diverse contexts, from continental umbias, to Peru's psychedelic chichas, and african fuzz. Their staging includes electric guitar, vintage keyboards, accordion, latin percussion, and a singer duo.Lisergic and tropical, La Sonora Mazurén is one of the new gangs representing Colombia’s new tropsychedelia.

The musicians all belong to this new Bogotá scene driven by the first generation of experimenters of all genres, with groups such as Frente Cumbiero, Ondatropica, Curupira, Los Pirañas, Los Toscos and the Meridian Brothers.

Often coming from jazz and experimental music, this first generation finally became passionate about Colombian tropical music by reinventing new ways of reinterpreting traditional music in sometimes esoteric, but always playful contexts - with more rock instrumentation and acoustic and electronic mixes.

Their first album, "Bailando con Extraños", released this year, is produced by the famous Eblis Álvarez of the Meridian Brothers on the Barbes Records Label, also producer of the compilation The Roots of Chicha, as well as productions by chicha and cumbia groups such as Chico Trujillo, Chicha Libre, and Los Wemblers.



« La Sonora’s proposal is a dizzying affair of spacial-tropical fusion with a breakneck pace. Alongside ubiquitous usage of the word lysergic, ‘continental cumbia’ ‘psychedelic chicha’ and ‘African fuzz’ have also been used to describe the La Sonora experience; across four diverse releases, the group has proven an impressive eclecticism in both influence and output. »

« A largely instrumental project, a Sonora Mazurén gig is an immersive experience, propelled by the hypnotic style of the music and an incredible light show. With an official upcoming release planned, La Sonora Mazurén is another band with a bright future in Colombia.»



First album "Bailando con extraños" Release 31 march 2023 / Produced par Eblis Alvarez of Meridian Brothers & Barbes Records


7 musicians on stage (8 on the road)