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Striking, offbeat, avant-garde, bringing together ten Argentinean and French musicians who invite Minino Garay, Tomás Gubitsch, Aureliano Marin and Melingo !

The new show from the latest album "Tangos en Aleph" is energetic and spiritual, with Minino Garay, Tomás Gubitsch, Aureliano Marin and Melingo as guest artists. Composer Andrea Marsili is experimenting with new improvisation possibilities within the codes of tango, the application of freer forms and the use of new sonorities, including electroacoustics.

Fleurs Noires is an orchestra composed of ten Argentinean and French musicians. Together, they deliver a vigorous contemporary tango that differs from traditional or electro tango... Experienced musicians, they mix their cultural differences with the originality of their repertory. This tango emanates a sensual force, full of nuances, which is the fruit of the diversity of its roots.

The original compositions created especially for the orchestra by the ensemble's pianist, Andrea Marsili, take the essence of tango and transform it into a contemporary language, with a distinctly modern touch.

Fleurs Noires brings back the historical axis Paris - Buenos Aires by emancipating the place of women in this music originally made by men. These passionate women shake up this tradition. Les Fleurs Noires take us on an exciting odyssey that combines class, elegance, freshness and... bravura!

On Tangos en Aleph, from the very first bars of Martillo para las brujas, the tone is set. On twilight bandoneon chords punctuated by subtle guitar touches, Aureliano Marín lays down his voice of a fallen angel... Then, everything speeds up. A percussive piano enters the scene and implacably hammers the tempo before being joined by a maelstrom of strings that frolic between harmonies and ruptures, thus drawing together landscapes marked by an incredible tension. As if stunned by the violent beauty of this musical canvas, Aureliano Marín's voice suddenly changes register, moving from singing to diction.

El Aleph is in the same register, all in chiaroscuro, building a real maze of harmonies and dissonances that a hallucinated Melingo, declaiming the verses of Jorge Luis Borges, strides through. Striking!

From a Mountangos de Panurgo with dreamy and pastoral harmonies to a Cegadora Margarita with a strong jazz pulse, Tangos en Aleph reveals new tango alchemies, a real horizon of events beyond which the sacrosanct laws of tango break down into so many elementary particles.



« You have to see them on stage: energetic, insolent and as passionate as their music »

« A repertory that cultivates eternity and is close to modernity, a performance that is naturally flawless, arrangements that cultivate dissonance, plus an asset that many men don't dare put on, humour: a fine bouquet to make souls sway! »

« On stage, the winks, the happiness of sharing a fresh and light moment is expressed at every moment. They have punch, a fertile joy, cultivate relaxation, not allowing the musicality or the finesse of the interpretation to suffer. Faultless virtuosity »

« The refined music of Fleurs Noires is both traditional and modern, their repertoire original, their new CD is a delight. »

« An album (...) to be listened to urgently.»



New album "Tangos en Aleph" (Paraty Production)


10 women artists on stage + guests (11/14 on the road)