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Äl Jawala – Balkan Big Beatz
Oriental Gypsy Soul Taken To The Urban Dancefloor

A direct combo of balkan, funk and dance, drafted from eleven years live experience at festivals in Europe. From France to the far end of Bulgaria, this virtuous 5-headed band creates an excited and unwilling sound. In 2007 they won the German "Creole-Award for World music".

According to the Drum & Percussion Magazine, they are "an absolutely emotive band that certainly can bring everycrowd to a boil. Challenging, fiery, fascinating and cosmopolitan."

No matter where – from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, in China, Jordan or in their hometown Freiburg – Äl Jawala (Arabic for „the travellers“) inspire audiences with their passionate energy on stage and guaranteed sweat-soaked t-shirts, uncontrollable dancing and colourfully mixed crowds. For eleven years, the five Balkan-Big-Beat ambassadors have been travelling along their exceptional musical way and – transcending all slivovice clichés - have evolved from a busking band to a sought after live band all over Europe.

Their musical roots lie in Romania, mixing up the traditional Roma music with Manele Pop. The 6° album "THE RIDE" (2011) combines brassenergy with a dancetrip. Rooted in the Balkans, grown from the European streets. Be ready for one hell of a fiesta.


«With two saxophones, Äl Jawala reproduce the fire of a whole gypsy brass band.»
Janeck Altshuler / La Bolschevita

«Äl Jawala pleasantly stand out from the Balkan dance hype.»
Zeitung zum Sonntag

«The quintet from Freiburg irreverently mixes everything they like into a new distinctive sound...»

New Studio Album "The Ride" - Release on Novembre 11th 2011
(Distribution: Soulfire / Rough Trade)

Available Europe / all the year
7 peoples on tour (5 on stage + 2)