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JuanaFé's Afrorumba chilenera merges latino genres like never before.
A buena onda straight from Chile

A surprising ability to blend musical genres as varied as salsa, cumbia, jazz, reggae, folklore, samba, bolero, paso doble, candombé, rumba and rock... In short, a joyful and satisfying mixture of great musical depth where rythm explodes on stage and truly rich lyrics convey the audience to a Latin American social panorama, both past and present.

This desire to explore musical expression regardless of today's trends, and an outright refusal of being labelled as a particular genre best caracterizes JuanaFé's style.

Despite the huge success that was Callejero (their latest hit from the Afrorumba Chilenera album) that you will be sure to hear if you spend a full day in Santiago, they have not forgotten their roots.

Overwhelmed by the heat of a sulphurous show, made up of so many ingredients, the spectator, bewildered, quickly realizes he should forget any records he's listened to beforehand. Attending a JuanaFé concert is simply accepting to be surprised.

On stage, JuanaFé's music takes on a whole new light. The pleasure is still there, adrenaline levels raised high, and the energy deployed is just impressive.

With a future album not far, the band undertake a new international tour. For the fourth year running, JuanaFé travel the world, ready to share their buena onda with their still growing European audience.

Available Europe
Tourparty 10 peoples (8 musicians + 2)